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 ....always happy to help the Wandering Waterfordians find their way home! 



Traveller Family Tree completed on the day that the Irish State formally recognised Travellers as an ethnic group within the Irish Nation.  1st March 2017.

Poster for Tony's Genealogy classes -  back by popular demand.

Power Clan Gathering 2016

Tony Hennessy sharing stories with the Power delegates at Dunhill Castle.

August 2016

Tony and Julian Walton chatting about all things 'Power'  with a delegate at Curraghmore, Portlaw.
August 2016
A very special commission -  for Boston's Mayor, Marty J.Walsh  "Man of the People" checks out his own Irish roots before his homecoming to Connemara.  
Mayor of Boston Marty Walsh being presented with his Great Great Great Family Tree at the Boston ifest by Rachel Kelly.     

September 2014      The Boston Globe

Mayor of Chicago Richard M.Daley receiving a present of his Family Tree from Cllr Mary Roche, Mayor of Waterford.  Chicago 2010

Tony Hennessy is a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland

Hello there and welcome to Waterford Origins - a professional genealogy and family history service. 

Co. Waterford is situated on the south east coast of Ireland overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  Waterford City,  the oldest City in Ireland, was founded by the Vikings 1100 years ago. Recent archaeological discoveries have shown that County Waterford has been inhabited for at least 9000 years!  I cannot guarantee that we can trace your ancestors back that far...but I do expect to make some new discoveries as we explore your roots.

I have discovered that people come to family history for many different reasons. For many among the Irish diaspora their Irishness and their connection to Ireland is deeply felt and an intrinsic part of their cultural identity. Documenting the link with the 'Old Country' underscores and validates that identity. Other family history enthusiasts are attempting to solve a particular family mystery - where did Granny's exotic surname come from?  How come Grandad's brother got the land when Grandad was the eldest son?  Others have a need to record their own story - to make sure that they and their loved ones are not forgotten.  While others just enjoy the detective element of it - following the clues to complete the jigsaw.

For many of us the exploration of our family history is an enjoyable hobby or pastime.  For some it has an ability to become an all-consuming obsession (you know who you are...!).  And for some the revelations and discoveries can be a cathartic, life enhancing or even a life changing experience.

Q.  When is the best time to start researching your family tree?  

A.   NOW! NOW!! NOW!!!

How many times have we heard ...'auntie Mary / uncle Mike knew it all.  Unfortunately he died seven years ago'.  - Or maybe one week ago!

Q.  How do I start?
A.   You start by becoming a hunter / gatherer of      genealogical information within your immediate surroundings.  Old newspaper cuttings, memory cards,  photographs, gravestone inscriptions, diaries, medals etc.  Talk to family members who might know something you don't know.  Every family has a hoarder of family information and ephemera.  The box under the bed, the suitcase in the attic.  Get a dedicated notebook and write it all down.  Now you are on your way......

Waterford Origins specializes in the following
  • Genealogical research - all Ireland but specialising in Waterford and surrounding counties.
  • Genealogy courses
  • Genealogy workshops
  • Genealogy talks
  • One-to-one consultations

Waterford Origins also produce Great Great Great Family Trees.  We specialise in creating a wide  range of bespoke family trees to order.  

We understand that every family is unique and our family trees reflect this uniqueness. 

Every Family Tree that we create is tailor-made to suit each customer’s specific requirements.

You provide the genealogical information and we create the Tree.  

Alternatively we can be commissioned to do the research for you. 

So have a browse around and see if there is a tree that inspires you.

Use the 'GreatGreatGreat' tab to explore the many types of Family Trees on offer. 


A sample of a bespoke family tree below.... a family heirloom..a unique creation.  Each tree tells its very own story.

Images of old Waterford.