Types of Family Tree

There are many different types of family trees and many variations in size, style, number of generations and inclusions amounting to an almost infinite number of possibilities.

Bespoke Family Trees are charged at €8 per name and €8 per photograph. www.greatgreatgreatfamilytrees.com                   

Note: this cost does not include research which may either be provided by the client or commissioned seperately from Waterford Origins.  
Family photographs to be supplied by client.

The four most popular types of trees are as follows: 

1. The Descendant Tree

The Descendant Tree chart usually has the principal person or couple on the top of the chart with their children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren etc. (and their spouses) fanning out generation by generation below. A simple descendant tree may show just two generations ie. a couple and their children whereas a five generation tree where each descendant has six children quickly grows to over two thousand descendants!

2. The Ancestor Tree

The Ancestor Tree

The Ancestor Tree chart has the principal person at the bottom and his/her direct ancestors only ie parents, grandparents, great-grandparents etc. spreading out from there. We each have sixteen great-great-grandparents (whether we can name them or not). The siblings of the principal person – who obviously share the same ancestors – are sometimes included in an ancestor tree.

3. The Hourglass Tree

The Hourglass Tree

4. The Ancestor Plus Tree

The Ancestor Plus Tree includes not only the direct ancestors of the principal person but also the siblings of each ancestor.  This tree can be quite complex to construct but given that it includes all branches of the family the finished chart is guaranteed to be impressive.

The Ancestor Plus Tree illustrated above spans five generations.  It contains 99 names and one bacdgrouind photograph.

Size 84 cm x 42 cm = 33" x 16.5"