What do I do next?

  • Have a look at the various family trees on show in the 'Types of family Tree' section above and decide what kind of tree you would like.
  • You supply the information you wish to include ie. names, dates, places, occupations etc. All documentation can be scanned and emailed or copies posted

in the traditional manner. No valuable originals please.

No original photographs to be posted please – unless they are copies that are not required to be returned. Photographs should be scanned at 350dpi, numbered and named and emailed to greatgreatgreatfamilytrees@gmail.com

  • Try to move beyond a list of names and dates. Put life in those bones! Was your ancestor in the First World War or maybe the American Civil War? Let’s include some details. Or maybe your uncle was a local chess champion or prize winning gardener? Did your dad keep a racehorse – or hens? Did your Granny write a weekly column for the Glenaphooka Gazette? All this information puts colour into the cheeks of your ancestors and adds great interest to the family tree chart.

My own great great grandmother Peig Quann’s party piece was to dance over two crossed red hot pokers from the fire while simultaneously playing Irish jigs on the flute! I’m sorry I never got to see a ‘live’ performance but it makes for good reading on the family tree.